Dial Indicator Bracket w/ Logo

Machined from anodized aluminum the bracket mounts to the shaft, allowing for the use of an up to 3/8-in. base dial indicator (not included). As expected with Rimac, the level of precision is everything, you can measure spring heights to a resolution of .001 in. The kit includes a 1.5-in. standard and a 2 in. indicator extension tip.

Part No. BB1920

Calibrated Test Springs

Make sure your spring testers are working correctly with RIMAC calibrated test springs. It may be the difference between winning and losing.

3-in-1 Kit

3-in-1 Test Spring Kit

Spring kit includes a lightweight, medium weight, and heavy weight springs. Approximate kit test range from 10 – 640 lbs.

Part No. BB1901

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Medium Spring

Medium weight test spring (1x). 
Approximate documented range:
50 to 450 lbs.

Part No. BB1902

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Light Spring

Lightweight test spring (1x). 
Approximate documented range:
10 to 190 lbs.

Part No. BB1903

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